Location-Based SEO Solutions – Securing Your Digital Footprint

Putting local businesses on the map, makes you stand out above the rest.

Ads-based marketing is a saturated market that is hard to make an impact and be visible without spending hard-earned profit. Digital SMME goes to the core of Google ranking, organic and paid with your Google Business Profile.

We maximise your real-world business returns by boosting your digital footprint, your data is filtered through our 4-tier data cleansing process to create a 100% accurate business listing formatted to each digital endpoint’s specific standards – if you don’t clean your data, publishing it is like taking 5 steps backwards!

An accurate presence across the online world instantly pushes your Google My Business traffic and SEO ranking exponentially pushing you to the top 3 search positions on Search SEO.

Location-Based Searches

People searching online for local services is now more prevalent than ever before.

Rating & Review Searches

90% of consumers make the effort to read reviews before making a purchase.

Attribute Searches

Maintaining your listings & managing your reputation will improve organic search traffic.

Clients across South Africa, Australia, India, uk

Every day, billions of people use Google to search for a
wide variety of information.
The search engine has easily
maintained its top spot as
the most popular search
engine in the world, holding
over 75% of the search
market share


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