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Google Business Profile Management

In today’s digital landscape, businesses are rapidly embracing the online realm for promotion, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The surge in online activity, particularly in the realm of e-commerce, has underscored the significance of a robust online presence. Enter Google Business Profile, a pivotal tool that aids businesses in capitalizing on this digital shift.

But what exactly is Google Business Profile used for?
While creating a business profile grants visibility, it doesn’t bestow authority or control. To harness the profile’s potential, a Google My Business Account is essential, granting managerial oversight. This tool empowers businesses, irrespective of size, to manage and optimize their online presence on Google. From verification to editing information, businesses can interact globally, shaping how they are perceived during online searches.

Managing customer reviews, tracking insights, and launching smart campaigns are within grasp through Google My Business. The process of creating a business profile mirrors adding locations to Google Maps, requiring minimal information. However, to unleash the profile’s full potential, a business account is pivotal. It unlocks comprehensive control, enabling access, management, enhancement, and optimization of the business profile.

Yet, merely claiming your Google Business Profile is but the initial stride. The true power lies in consistent optimization and updates.

Ipsos Research underscores this significance, revealing that an up-to-date Google Business Profile is
• 2.7 times more reputable,
• Garners 7 times more clicks,
• Attracts 70% more location visits,
• Increases purchase likelihood by 50%.

It’s crucial to note that both Google and users can modify Business Profiles, making regular checks imperative to safeguard accuracy.

In essence, embracing Google’s evolved Business Profile is a local SEO strategy of paramount importance. It not only secures visibility but empowers businesses to actively shape their digital narrative, influencing credibility, engagement, foot traffic, and conversions.

Stay vigilant, optimize, and reap the rewards of a thriving online presence with Digital SMME
Through Digital SMME Dashboard, we make managing your Google Business Profile easy and efficient bringing all information and statistics for Google Business Profile into one location at the click of a button.


Our core product is a one-stop solution for Google Business Profile to push your cleaned business data and locations to all navigation platforms and user endpoints worldwide (including your website). This allows for a better organic SEO search and location ranking turning searches into traffic and sales!

We ensure your brand is always visible and accurately showcased across all endpoints, from Google, Facebook, Apple, Maps and more, so users can find you online. Before we publish any data, we clean it using our proprietary 4-tier cleansing process to ensure 100% location accuracy and integrity.

Once cleaned, your now flawless data is pushed out across all endpoints amplifying your presence for greater ROI.


Centralise, Control and Keep Customers Engaged.

Your customers are reviewing you everywhere. Digital SMME gives you control in protecting your reputation and harnessing customer feedback across platforms.

Research shows that 90% of consumers read product or service reviews before making a purchase and that social proof is a key purchase influencer. Brand conventions and word of mouth are now happening online, so managing your online reputation is critical to the success of your business. Active reputation management boosts your online presence ensuring greater visibility which converts into sales.

Search engines give preference to well-managed and responsive businesses increasing their popularity and local SEO ranking.

Digital SMME helps you do this by aggregating all inbound reviews in a central dashboard, making it possible for you to respond to queries and criticisms across platforms and locations at scale. You can moreover activate an automated response to make this even easier.

Meanwhile, Digital SMME ability to push all questions fielded on Google Business Profile onto the same dashboard enhances localized conversations, transforming a potential pitfall for the business (in the form of unaddressed, often ‘buying’ questions or leads) into an effective communication channel.


Your digital presence doesn’t end at ‘clean data’ – it’s the summation of your overall digital footprint, from your SEO strategy to online visibility and ranking, reputation management and accurate & consistent data across all endpoints.

But, it’s not only that. While your data may be accurate and consistent, your business must maintain an active online presence. That’s where Posts come in. Why? Because an active online presence means your business stays relevant and connected to its current and potential customers.

As you already know, Digital SMME is your single point of truth – we manage, secure, leverage, and protect your brand’s data on all the right channels. So, if your chain of quick-service restaurants has any upcoming news, special offers and events – we make it 10x easier to distribute all this content to your relevant pages.

This is the perfect combination of push and pull marketing – pushing out content to consumers who are already searching for that product category.

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